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Post by revoakin » Jan 15, 2020 1:46 pm

Firecrow wrote:
Jan 15, 2020 5:28 am
Host_6 wrote:
Jan 14, 2020 9:34 am
Few solutions:
  • All the wars must be deported to other server called DumbFuck whenever I want.
  • Another solution would be to have special separated server only for wars. Only Reveneth Oakin would be allwed to stay playing with nice non-war people because his style and overall approaches are interesting end enjoyable.
  • Less radical might be to switch to elim when many wars emerge. But as I always say and what shall be on my gravestone: When ramfest begins, it's already too late.
Ofc easier said than done, but I think that War can be rebalanced.

War Cry ability (at least it spellcasting nullify effect) must be removed. In exchange Warrior must abtain something like quickly regenerated (about 5 sec maybe) "Cleanse" to remove nusty debaffs.
Battle Cry without nullify will be very weak and useless with it long calldown and defence hole, but it can be baffed in some other way. For example it can up Warrior attack speed or/and melee damage for short time and down this numbers for opponents, also inflict instant fatigue for their basic attack, making an instant shot from XBow or Death Wand in crying Warrior more difficult. Other Warrior can compensate it just by his own War Cry (not Cleanse). Wiz, Con and his summons will get some problems, but this problems will not be so annoing like almost constant spellcasting blocking, when too many Warriors plays at the same time. Also I think War Cry like this will be useful not only against spellcasters, but against other Warriors too, if they thrown their WCry too early.

Berserker Charge must have a range about a Lighting/EB range. If Warrior miss his BersCharge, but don't hit wall on this range, no stun appear, also Warrior must have a few seconds Haste effect after BersCharge. BersCharge must not have instant recovery after killing by it, but every Warrior kill must restore part of calldown time for all Warrior abilites.

Harpoon must be a weapon, not ability. Actually more for common sense then for balance, I can't come up with, how War throw his Harpoon and pull it after hit, when he has sword in one hand and shield in other. Ofc it will make a Harpoon+Hammer combo much more difficult, and greatly limits weapon sets choises. For compensate it in some other way and for common sense reasons too, War should not lose Harpoon rope (chain?) from any slightest damage like Con's Poison. Only from fire (the rope burned out) or strong direct hit (it is difficult continue to pull chain, when you has XBow bolt in your arm or leg).

I think with some of changes like this, more then few Warriors during matches will not badly simplify gameplay for Cons and Wizes. But War can remains a strong class, maybe even stronger than now. And even more interesting I think.

I can see that you have put a lot of thought into this, Plz no ://