Links to a few of my old duels

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Links to a few of my old duels

Post by TheBlob » Jul 03, 2023 5:13 am

There are two videos of me dueling on YouTube from a long while back. The first link was me and a guy named Smiles.
He was not a very well-liked person. In fact he annoyed many people lol. I'm ashamed to say in this video I was quite a mouthy kid. This video was taken by Burn3r, the original owner of

This second video was taken by a guy named Mordentral. Morden spent alot of time helping compile NoX into a downloadable form, helped make the map editor and other things to help the game. I'd love to know what that guy is doing these days. Anyway, this duel is me vs Genocide Junkie (Geno). He was a great player. I actually won this duel 10-7 but Morden edited it to look like a tie for the theme of the video. Unfortunately, he recorded it in a higher fps or something which caused the video to be too fast. You can slow it down on YouTube too view it in a more normal speed. Here is the link to that: