How to host a dedicated server on Linux

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Idea/Suggestion How to host a dedicated server on Linux

Post by SpicyTorchic » Aug 29, 2018 6:50 pm

I originally posted this on, but decided to re-post it here for anyone that's interested. Also this forum is way more active, so it's just a overall good idea :D.

I used UltraVNC to get into my Unbuntu VPS, then downloaded the latest version of wine, then used wine to install Nox, then installed Westwood Online via an installer I found on the web (Nox Solution doesn't seem to work on wine on linux because everytime I tried it showed up prompting for me to insert a CD). I opened up Nox and forwarded the port 18590 on my router (Both TCP and UDP) and started hosting a server. It worked alright, BUT:

If when you try to load up Nox on wine and it just immedietly closes out complaining about something like "No matching mode found 640x480x16", then go to wine and type "winecfg", and click on the audio or sound tab and let it just set it up, and go to your graphics tab, and check "Emulate a Virtual Desktop", and set the resolution to "640x480". Then go to wine and type "regedit". First expand ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’, then ‘Software’, then ‘Wine’. You may see a key named ‘Direct3D’. If you do not, simple create one in that folder by right clicking and doing New > Key > name it Direct3D. Now go to the Direct3D key you have just made and make string values by right clicking and doing New > String Value. Take your time doing this part. Create a string named, ‘VideoMemorySize’ and then double click on it and enter the amount of memory your video card contains with integers only, do not enter MB, Megabyte, ect. Ex. I would simply enter 256 for my 256MB video card. This one will increase your performance by a lot but may sacrifice your stability and support. It is worth a shot and I would recommend at least trying it. Create another key just as you had done for VideoMemorySize. This time name it, ‘DirectDrawRenderer’ and set it to ‘opengl’. Hope this helps some of you out!

EDIT: I'M NOT 100% SURE, BUT I THINK NOX WILL ONLY WORK WITH WINE 2.0.2!!! You're welcome to try with any version, but make sure that in your winecfg, you set it to emulate Windows XP, as supposed to any other version of Windows.